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Jim Morrison Glamourizing Crime Art Plaque

Jim Morrison Glamourizing Crime Art Plaque

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The lead singer of The Doors is credited with being the first rock star to be arrested onstage. Angry about being maced by a police officer backstage, Morrison described the incident to the crowd in a profanity-laced tirade, and taunted the police. He was taken from the stage, ending the concert, and a mini-riot of disappointed fans followed.

Jim Morrison - New Haven CT 1967 "lewd and lascivious behaviour, indecent exposure, open profanity, drunkeness" (dismissed)

Hang your favourite "criminal"... on your wall. Our fascination with retro pop culture rebels led us to create this collectible series of glittery art plaques featuring famous faces under arrest. 


  • Hangs flush on wall
  • Collectible series
  • Looks great in a grouping
  • Sealed glitter sides, white back
  • 5x7” size is easy to fit in spall spaces

The Glamourizing Crime series is drawn from publicly available mug shots from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s (and one 1938 outlier). We like the “classic” film-grain style of these pre-digital images, and focus our attention on largely non-violent offences with interesting stories behind them. “No beaters, no killers!” 

Each hand-made plaque is carefully layered and individually embellished with glitter or Swarovski crystal accents over a glossy, archival-print-quality surface. Sides are sealed high-quality silver glitter, back is plain white with slot hanger. 

A label on back outlines the details for each subject's arrest incident: city, year, charge(s), convictions/penalties/dismissals. A fun conversation piece!

Measures approx. 5 x 7 x 0.75"


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