Colour charts

Choose from dozens of great vinyl colours and finishes to make your Glitter Garage apparel perfect for you, or for a gift.

We use the industry-leading brand for the best quality and lasting durability. Technically they are all machine-washable (inside out, tumble-dry low) according to manufacturer's advice, but we recommend hang to dry for the best decorated garment care over time.

Options are grouped by the general look and feel. If you have any questions about which is the best choice for a particular product or design, just ask


These vinyls have a soft, flexible and slightly stretchy feel. Matte colours have just a touch of sheen to them, except the neons, which are a true matte - and they're fluorescent the right light! Metallics have a soft shine.  



Also a little stretchy, with a sparkling glitter look and texture. They don't shed glitter and look good for the long haul.


This "deluxe option" grouping varies in texture and feel. Holographic and Opal* films are not stretchy at all, but are smooth, shiny and look amazing in sunlight, on stage, and in nighttime lighting. Chrome finishes have a foil-like look, but are soft and a little stretchy. Flock is fuzzy and matte, Glow In The Dark is slightly rubbery; both have a tiny bit of stretch. Reflective is just that; it adds a safety-first element to looking awesome – no stretch though.

*Opal Rainbow is transparent and best suited to white garments; looks green/blue on black.

We strive to keep everything ready, but stock levels will vary; if your choice is not available right away, we'll let you know so you can choose another, or wait until we get it in. And if you're looking for something different, get in touch and we'll see what we can get (please allow extra time, possibly a small charge for special orders).