Glass prayer-style candle devoted to county music legend Johnny Cash with original “prayer to Saint Johnny” by BBJ - back & front - photo obscured

Saint Johnny Pop Saint Prayer Candle 

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The Man In Black wore his humanity on his dark-coloured sleeve, through storytelling and the social-justice activism that jeopardized his standing in country music. (His brilliant late-career comeback was a masterful middle-finger to the industry, both literally and figuratively!)

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We've taken the form and style of religious devotional candles and put our glittery spin on them.

Includes original prayer, written by Robin Woodward, expressing our sincere appreciation for the cultural and social impact of the legendary Johnny Cash.

White wax unscented candle in glass open-necked holder is coated with our special translucent glitter technique, which adds dimension and subtle sparkle even when candle is not lit. Image overlay is fade, scratch and water resistant. Candle will burn for approximately 100 hours, but of course you'd never leave a burning candle unattended. 

8" tall, 2.5" diameter